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You there, SBC? It’s Me. (v. 1)

You there, SBC? It’s Me. (v. 1)

About a month and a half ago I uprooted myself from seven comfortable years of living in Central Texas and moved to the magical land of SBC. For those of you unfamiliar with SBC, the acronym stands for Shreveport-Bossier City. I guess I should really say that I was swept off my feet by my … Continue reading

If Love Is Chemistry, We All Failed the Test

I’ll admit, I got suckered into reading this “ on Yahoo” article about chemistry. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with empirical formulas, stoichiometry, or pH values. Yes, I loved chemistry as a kid. And to be honest, it would have better served the world if it had some Bill Nye flair. Chemistry has always … Continue reading

Friday Flue

Happy Friday to everyone!! It’s time for some Friday Flue. You know, the fluff, the rubbish, the stuff that doesn’t really matter. Today we’re going to talk about things that irritate us. Let’s get it all off of our chests so we can enjoy the weekend, stress free! Now, according to Reddit, there are the … Continue reading

All About the Bride

I had my first “All About the Bride” weekend. It was orchestrated by two of my lovely bridesmaids, one being my Maid of Honor. It was bridal shower weekend and since we all live in different cities, we decided to toss bridal portraits and bachelorette party into the mix. Oh, and that “All About the … Continue reading

Marriage: The Greatest Gift

It’s pretty safe to say that I have been pretty busy. Between wedding planning, flight school graduation planning, Drop Night, moving, and trying not to have my face breakout or gain weight, I am two setbacks away from a meltdown, maybe three. I mean, it’s still June, right? It’s the last day of SEPTEMBER?! (deep … Continue reading

My DIY Dancin’ Shoes

I’ve got my glass slippers! Okay, so they’re not glass and I couldn’t see myself wearing them with my pajamas, but I’ve got my wedding shoes. It took a few weeks of “sole searching,” but I finally found the foundation of my wedding get-up. I originally wanted to do blue shoes, but my mother encouraged … Continue reading

It Fit!

This is definitely going to be one of those posts where I toot my own horn, mostly because I don’t do it enough. Therefore if you don’t want to ride this party train, I suggest you don’t buy a ticket. About two months ago I found my wedding dress. It’s absolutely perfect and I adore … Continue reading

This Is It

“This is it,” my fiance said, almost in wonder of the gravity those three words carried. We had been looking at houses for nine hours. We had been to numerous neighborhoods, stood in numerous yards, kitchens and garages, and sat in numerous bathtubs. Ok, maybe that last one was just me. We had laid on … Continue reading

I Said Yes… To The Dress

That’s right! The moment that every bride looks forward to happened to me… I found the dress! It was all a part of the wedding planning week that my mom and I scheduled. It’s been difficult planning this wedding with her 1,500 miles away. And to cap it all off, the venue we are getting … Continue reading

My First 18

I’m not crazy, am I? Memorial day was almost a month ago. So I’m either extremely lazy or I’m not taking this “30 Before 30″ list seriously. I spent a wonderful extended weekend with my fiance in which we played golf… 18 holes of golf to be exact. This was my first attempt at such … Continue reading